Yoga for Women
Caversham, Reading & online

Simple practices, big impact.

Time invested in you ripples out to those you love


Thursdays 8-9.15pm Hemdean House, Caversham

FREE parking. Beginners welcome.

(Also 121s available - please email)

You don't need to be flexible.

You don't need to be strong.

You don't need to have done yoga before.


Treat yourself to a woman-centred class. That means a class that is geared to your body, rather than the traditional class designed around a young male body.


You don't need to be good at relaxing.


All I ask is that you come with an open mind and an open heart because we're a friendly bunch.

The class starts with a Yoga Nidra relaxation to let go of your day and then into movement.  Beginners welcome.

(If you can't find the Well Woman class listed in the schedule on the Classes page, it may be that we're mid-block. You're welcome to join pro-rata. Email me to arrange it now.)


Menstrual Cycle Awareness - coaching & support

I'm likely to have 480+ periods! You?

Given that over a lifetime you're going to have a lot of periods, it's worth a little time and energy to have the best menstrual cycle that you can.


Locally, I'm known as the Period Lady. Or Mrs Menstruation by my good friends. :) I know! I've made it in life.


Whether you want to have a private consultation, sign up for a cycle awareness course or come to a women's circle, head over to my other website to find out more.


Hypopressive exercise classes

Regain your core strength

You might feel like 'core strength' is an impossible destination.


Perhaps you avoid long walks, places where you don't know where the toilet is, definitely going on a kids' trampoline, or even stopping joy in its tracks because a belly laugh will turn into an embarrassing situation.


I teach hypopressives to support you to heal from incontinence, mild to moderate prolapse, diastasis recti (tummy gap) and poor posture.


The hypopressive sequence can be done in 7 minutes once you've learnt it and will bring your respiratory and pelvic diaphragms into harmony. Which means integrity through your core and a return of self-confidence.


Get in touch for a free individualised assessment of whether hypopressives is the right solution for you.

(Or text on 07766 707119 if you prefer.)