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Testimonials for Ruby Luna's Curious Journey

Zaya (10) shares her experience of the book. Thanks Zaya!

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"Ruby Luna’s curious journey is a fun and funny, interactive, informative (you will learn a thing or two, yes you the adult!) and beautifully simple guide book for the anatomical conversation you’ll want to have with your young daughter. It excites and inspires curiosity and demystifies the wonder of the female body.


It also offers a superb little introduction to the menstrual cycle and our inner seasons. Tessa’s book is a modern, unashamed celebration of the female body that will delight your daughters (and delight you). Ruby Luna is paving the way for a new generation of proud young women. I highly recommend it!"

- Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (mother of 8 and 5 year old daughters) and Alexandra Pope,  co-founders of Red School, authors of Wild Power, discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power (Hay House, 2017)



"Ruby Luna’s Curious Journey is a charming introduction to female anatomy and processes for 5 to10 year olds.  

While delivering fascinating biological information in a positive, chatty and interactive way Tessa Sanderson is also rigorous in her research and application of contemporary educational standards.


Ruby Luna’s Curious Journey presents an eminently body-positive message and supports a comprehensive early understanding, which in turn helps children form a sound and happy foundation for the ongoing evolution of body literacy and confidence – both of which we know are critical keys to wellbeing.


Big bold congratulations to Tessa Sanderson for her wonderful, relatable illustrations and delightful engaging text. I heartily recommend this book for all primary-aged children, for use by parents and teachers, both at home and at school."

- Jane Bennett, Menstrual researcher, author of About Bloody Time (amongst others) and educator



"I was so excited to see your book.  I gave it to my daughter as soon as we got home and she loved the pictures and was giggling and curious and I'm looking forward to discussing it all with her and using your book will be such a help. Thank you xx" - Lucie Young



"I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loved your book! I'll definately recommend it to others. Her first comment when we finished reading it was 'can we read it again tomorrow', and I could really see the positive effect it had on her, she was feeling proud to talk about her body and also some things that we'd talked about together that aren't really covered in schools she felt happy to also learn from a book, so thank you!" - Ellie Charman

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