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Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC)

The MMC is a precious opportunity for a woman to connect with her menstrual cycle, held and guided by an MMC facilitator.  The MMC was created by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlizter, founders of the Red School, as a tool for accessing the wisdom of the female body.

I would describe menstruality as an embodied spirtuality for women.


The single most important aspect of the MMC for me is that the wisdom comes from the woman's own cycle; her own insights.  We do not need to look externally for guidance.  This is radical considering all the teachers and gurus out there telling us how to think or behave!


My task as an MMC facilitator (or I prefer guide) is to create space in your busy life for you to stop and pay attention to what your cycle is communicating.  I will guide you through each of your inner seasons (see here for a video explaining these) in turn.  The MMC is not therapy and I am not a therapist or counsellor.  Instead, I enable you through an imaginal process to receive the wisdom and medicine through deep attention to your inner experience.


Why invest in an MMC?

*Are you struggling with your periods or PMT/ PMS?

*Are you trying to reconnect with your cycle after years on the pill?

*Are you trying to conceive and want to reconnect positively with your  body?

*Are you blocked creatively?

*Do you want to change the relationship with your body?

*Do you want to navigate your changing emotions?

(I could keep going with these questions for a long time! You can also use the MMC when you are peri-menopausal or post-menopausal, but since I'm not at that stage of my life I can suggest wonderful MMC guides who are. Please email me at [email protected].


What exactly happens in an MMC?

We meet for up to an hour.  We start with you setting an intention for the session: perhaps there is something you have been struggling with or there is a desire for guidance. I then talk you through each of the inner seasons - the Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and back to the Winter of your cycle.  We listen for what is coming up.  At the end of the process we discuss practical steps to work on.


Every time I have participated in an MMC - for myself or another woman - I am astounded by what emerges.  Whether a woman sees herself as imaginative, intuitive, in touch with her cycle, OR NOT, so much arises when female insight is given the time and space it deserves.


We can sit or stand. I make you comfortable so that you can close your eyes and take your awareness inwards.  You can write notes at the end.  It is important to have some time afterwards at your home, in the park, wherever you can let the experience sink in and ground yourself before going back to your busy life!


How many times do we meet?

We meet for a minimum of two sessions.  I feel that this is important when you are new to the process and so that we can discuss what happened after the first MMC.  You may wish to have the second session when you are in a different part of your cycle from the first one. For example, if you were on Day 15 (inner Summer), you may like to experience the MMC next time in inner Autumn or where you feel most challenged.


What are your credentials for being an MMC guide?

I completed the Women's Quest Leadership Apprenticeship with Alexandra and Sjanie in 2017.  I am currently a mentored MMC facilitator, having completed the residential component and currently working the certification process.  I am insured with Balens as a Menstural Educator and specifically for facilitating MMCs.  I receive supervision from the Red School.


I have hosted a monthly Red Tent in my home for 3.5 years and am deeply in touch with my own cycle.


What is the investment?

While I am in the certification process, the cost is £60 for two sessions.   This reflects the training that I have already undertaken.  I provide concessionary rates so please get in touch.


I have benefited so much from the MMC process. Please email or telephone me with any questions you might have.

MMC red tent yantra

The incredible mandala painted for the Caversham Red Tent by Jodie Grace.  

"My Menstrual Medicine Circle with Tessa was a potent, highly charged and extremely illuminating experience.  Tessa holds a space for healing with grace, tenderness and respect.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like deeper insight and clarity into their cycle and how it effects their day to day lives." (Jodie, Jan 2018)