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Do you feel physically ready for birth?

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Masterclass: Birth-changing labour position - why and how they work

It's a whole new world when you're pregnant. There's so much information to take in.

It can feel a bit overwhelming. It's tempting sometimes to just hide away and hope for the best, but if you're like me, you prefer to prepare as much as you can.

You might already have signed up for an antenatal class at the hospital or with NCT. Maybe you even booked a hypnobirthing course.

But have you been physically getting ready for labour?

It's amazing if you've continued to exercise during pregnancy, especially during this pandemic. That will help with your stamina during labour.

But do you know what will help EVEN more?

Knowing some simple principles about birth physiology - how your body and baby work together - so that your baby has the best possible chance of moving into and through your pelvis, in the shortest time possible.

There's no getting away from the fact that birth is physical.

Let me show you how to appreciate the AWESOMENESS of your body and that you can work WITH your body, rather than fighting against how your body has evolved.

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"I'm more confident now... It's good to have those skill sets for birth, to make you calm" Joey

The next Masterclass is on Saturday 12th June 2-4.15pm

A hand out 'When to use the different positions during labour' will be emailed to you afterwards so that during the class so you can concentrate on physically experiencing the concepts, but have a helpful reminder.

A recording will also be sent to you, but please attend the Zoom meeting so that you can join in the Q & A.

You do not need any special equipment to join in - only things you will find around your home.

If you can't wait until that date for the live session, you can access a pre-recorded one here: Women's Wisdom platform

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"I would absolutely recommend the Masterclass to anybody who was going to give birth, whether it's the first time, or second time or more" Rachel

"Everything you said during the class makes so much practical sense."

I would definitely recommend the masterclass to anyone having a baby. All women should be taught about the physicality of labour and how you can actively help yourself to have as positive a birth experience as possible. The techniques that Tessa teaches you help you to feel confident and empowered as you move towards the latter stages of your pregnancy and this in turn helps you to feel more relaxed.

Tessa is clearly very experienced in her field and is able to talk confidently and competently during the classes that she offers which means that they flow very well and the time flies by. She has a lovely calm and gentle demeanour that instantly puts you at ease. We are so grateful to her for all her help and advice." Gabriella and Dave Brown

The right birth for you

I've taught 1000+ pregnant women over 15 years and share my expertise in my local Maternity Voices Partnership at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and training other yoga teachers at the Yoga Teachers Forum.

It's my passion in life to support pregnant women and their birth partners to feel as ready for labour as can be, so that you come out the other side feeling amazed at what you just did!

I have a PhD in Medical Sociology and keep up to date with the latest evidence and innovations in antenatal education so that you are ready for the biggest physical challenge of your life.

I know you can do this. I'll support you to the best of my ability whether this is your first baby, your fourth or beyond.

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"Tessa as a course facilitator you are wonderful."

"A really insightful workshop not just for parents but for someone like myself who teaches pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing.

I would recommend it to any new or returning parent to birth and their birth partner to have a positive birth experience. Too many women feel disempowered within the medical model.

Tessa as a course facilitator you are wonderful." Kim Jones

"The Masterclass really gave me the confidence to decide to have a home birth"

"Baby Hannah made her appearance on Monday morning. Contractions started at 6am, l stayed in bed for 45 minutes but then decided we should call the home birth midwife.

I had a warm bath with lavender oil but as the contraction increased decided to get out to have more space to move about. The midwifes arrived at 8.45 am and things progressed quickly from there and Hannah was born at 9.37am. 3.84kg.

Doing pregnancy yoga and the Masterclass really gave me the confidence to decide to have a home birth.

My main takeaway was that being able to move and use the positions in labour can help labour progression and reduce the risk of interventions.

I would recommend the Masterclass because everyone should be aware of these techniques and be empowered to use them. I felt confident to take control of the situation and try various positions before intervention.

It was so nice to be able to stay together as a family, the midwifes left by lunchtime and we were able to be a family of four straight away.

Thank you Tessa for your practical advice and encouragement to choose what was right for me. You are very knowledgeable, kind and gentle, and always happy to answer questions." Rose Rodwell