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My expertise is around important transitions in girls' and women's lives, including puberty, pregnancy and birth, and perimenopause.

I am passionate talking about empowering children around their bodies, awareness of cycles, the role of the body in birth, birth trauma and trauma-sensitive approaches.

I am also available to talk about the process of becoming an entrepreneur after academia and self-publishing, and how to run a sustainable yoga business.


Motherworldly Podcast

A discussion about publishing a book on pregnancy and the inner journey towards birth

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Unmasking the Feminine

You don't wake up saying, "You know what, I'm going to be a Menstrual Educator"!  How did I come to do this. Using an Embodied Listening lense.


Invited talks for the Parenting Forum, Health from the Inside Out - Jan 2020 and Jan 2021

'How to talk to your children about their bodies growing up' and 'Using cycle awareness for creativity, productivity and connection'

"Tessa brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and humanity.  She's a huge advocate for empowering women, their bodies and their health."  Hayley Dorrian


Life: An Inside Job

We talked about different ways to know your inner world such as meditation and Focusing.


T.A.P. with Claire Turner

We talked about rites of passage in a woman's life and how to travel them more easefully and consciously.

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Invited talk for Reading Entrepreneur Social - Feb 2020

'How I published my books: raising awareness of the importance of communicating body awareness and terminology to children'

"Thank you for speaking so engagingly.  Through the event, you enabled us to impact Quality Education projects for young people in Kenya: 31 days of school for one girl and 220 days of early childhood education for others" Sue Jackson

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I was invited to talking to the Women's Network at University of Reading about Cyclical living - how to become aware and work with all sorts of cycles, including circadian rhythms, the menstrual cycle, seasons and life stages.

I talked about how transitions are currently pathologised and how we can work towards normalising these biological and social rites of passage.  June 2022

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One-hour talk on understanding birth physiology and its impacts on expectant parents' choices.

My YouTube channel has a range of short videos providing educational information and yoga practices

I love to communicate to a new audience

When I worked in academia, I wrote 28 articles for a range of a multi-disciplinary journals AND I took a science communication course so I could translate that information to lay audiences.

I'm available to write articles, including on cycle awareness, puberty, birth preparation and birth trauma. I am also open to collaborations.

I have written six books for children and women about their bodies.  

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