Mini practices make a big difference


Learn how to self-regulate your nervous system

with trauma-sensitive yoga techniques


In our busy lives, where we tend to be juggling a lot, our nervous system can be on high alert too much of the time. Add into that the stresses and uncertainty of living in a pandemic and we can risk overwhelm, burnout and mental health issues.

Perhaps you've also had a traumatic event happen, which has affected your sleep and added to your emotional overload. The effects of trauma don't go away if we just try to stop thinking about it.

Trauma is held in the body until we support its release. This can be done through simple practices that help you find a feeling of being grounded, centred and finding stability.

We tend to think of trauma with a capital 'T' for a life-changing event, but trauma can also come from too much or too little of something over a period of time. Like too much to juggle with work, childcare and aging parents. Or too little support at work. It's real and makes it difficult to be resilient.

Living and working in a pandemic is hard


"The exercises help me stay connected to the moment. They've helped me a lot." Nina

We often think about yoga as physical exercise: stretching and strengthening.

All yoga practices are also neural techniques - that means that we are affecting the state of the nervous system and the brain when we do them with attention.

In trauma-sensitive yoga, the emphasis is on showing how you as an individual can learn to how to regulate, balance, harmonise your mind-body whole system.

That sounds complicated, but it's actually the little practices, done regularly, that make the biggest impact. Feeling how your body is resting on your chair. Using your senses to come into the moment. Bringing awareness to the breath.

The point is that it's not another thing to add to your to-do list, but something that will immediately support your mental health.

Embodied practice means that you connect with your body in a way that feels comfortable. I work with you, offering choices and building together a manageable tool box of practices.


Supported in your workplace

I run courses in workplaces to teach embodied practices and WHY they work, to support mental health, resilience and all round well-being. The techniques can be incorporated into your day, whether that's in a busy clinical environment, non-stop office set up, ANYWHERE!

Currently, I teach the courses virtually with video resources to support learning inbetween sessions. This could be a 6-8 week course, but will be tailored to your needs to create effective change.

Whether you're a manager or an employee who recognises a need, please get in touch to talk about a package for your work.


Tailored just for you ~ change starts now

I also offer tailored packages to individuals who feel that enough is enough.

If you've had enough of struggling with overwhelm, crushing uncertainty or anxiety, insomnia or can't shake off the impact of trauma (including the secondary trauma of caring for others going through a difficult time), then I can support you to take charge again.

I recommend at least three sessions so that you can learn the principles of how the nervous system functions and feel confident with the practices to make lasting change.

I'll help to make this feasible for you, financially and emotionally, if this feels out of your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and get in touch.


"Tessa is an expert in her field"

I was an academic researcher before having my second child, based in a Rheumatology Department at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. My postdoctoral projects focused on patient priorities in treatment. I bring evidence-based practice to this work and dive into neuroscience, physiology and biomechanics to support you the best that I can.


I am an experienced, senior yoga teacher having trained over 16 years ago with the British Wheel of Yoga, with more than 1000 women benefiting from my pregnancy classes alone. I am the Pre- and Postnatal Trainer for the Yoga Teachers Forum. I bring all of my experience to every session.

Training in a Trauma-sensitive approach to yoga has enabled me to support many people alongside talking therapies, to make lasting change.

I am an author and illustrator of six children and women's books, on puberty, pregnancy and menstrual cycle awareness. It's important to me that you understand how your body works and why the practices I'm sharing support you to feel calmer, more resilient, more in control.

"Tessa is very knowledgeable, kind and gentle. She is always happy to answer questions." Rose Rodwell