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Dancing for Birth classes

Dancing while pregnant can keep you active, help optimal positioning of your baby ready for birth, teach you movements to help you be as comfortable as possible during the birthing journey, socialise with other expectant mamas and have FUN!


You do NOT need to have any prior dancing experience because it is not about technique, but about what feels good to you. We dance to a range of music: Middle Eastern, Caribbean, African, pop songs...



What does it involve?

We start sitting down to introduce ourselves so you can make a network of friends.

We then start with some warm ups, tying a scarf around your hips ready for the belly dancing moves.

We try different dances in a circle, all of which are helpful in making your pregnant or postnatal body more comfortable (e.g. heartburn, backache) and preparing for birth.

We then stop to see if anyone has any questions that we can address through some practical birth education.

We then close with a seated relaxation (unless your baby needs you to be rocking!)


What do I need?

Comfortable clothes that you can move in and a scarf to tie around your hips.  If you have a coin hip belt for belly dancing feel free to bring it. We dance barefoot. Most of all, you need to expect to have fun.  Please bring water.


When can I come?

From your booking in appointment onwards you are very welcome to join us. After your baby is born, please check with your midwife or GP that you are fit and ready for gentle exercise (you will need to sign a statement to this effect on your registration form).

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Postponed, usually at Hemdean House School

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Tessa Yoga belly family BW 40

Tessa in bellydancing heaven ;)

Tessa has trained in 'Dancing for Birth' and has a Silver Award (Highly commended) in Bellydancing with the IDTA

Trained Seal

"It's good fun and I liked all the hip movements to get baby in an optimum position. Plus it was a bit of a workout!" (Sarah, July 2016)


"It's fun. Good for connecting with your baby as well as your body." (Helen, July 2016)


"I would recommend the class because it's fun and shows lots of useful movements for labour, preparing physically and mentally." (Sophie, July 2016)

"The Dancing for Birth class teaches you different ways to move your body through contractions that you wouldn't necessarily consider. As well as informative it is also very fun!" (Lucy, Nov 2016)


"I liked the whole positive experience of dancing as it makes me happy and I believe that what makes mama happy also makes baby happy." (Angelika, Nov 2016)