Birth trauma

Embodied Listening and Restore programme

3-month package of fortnightly sessions*

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

You’re here because you’ve experienced birth trauma.

I’m truly sorry to hear that.  I know how it can pervade every part of your life.

You wonder how you can ever move on from this.

You worry about how you can move past the effects of the trauma, whether it’s sleep disturbances, flashbacks, constant anxiety, moving into flight or fight mode at seemingly unrelated things, jumpiness, emotional outbursts, or other things.

Maybe it’s affecting your relationships or is making you hypervigilant around those you care for.

You worry about getting through the anniversary of the birth trauma.

Do you feel like you’re living a half-life?

After the programme, you will

  • Feel fully witnessed in how you are feeling

  • Learn how to soothe your nervous system; to stop cycling between numbness and flight/fight mode, and let your body rest

  • Gently reconnect with the body (or the parts that feel numb or too painful) and move towards wholeness

  • Have strategies to cope with big, overwhelming emotions

  • Learn how to become grounded and centred again and again, and not at the mercy of the trauma

  • Discover a creative way of being with parts of you that feel difficult and challenging

  • Find a sense of wellbeing without diminishing the enormity of what you have been through

  • See a way forwards.


"Invaluable techniques..."

"I had a series of private online sessions with Tessa as part of my healing process after losing my baby. I always left the sessions feeling calm, relaxed and more balanced.

Tessa taught me some invaluable techniques to regulate my nervous system which I still include in my daily practice.

She made me feel at ease, listening and responding to how each exercise made me feel and I really looked forward to my sessions with her.

I would definitely recommend her expertise to my own yoga clients." RW

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How does it work?

  • Over 3 months, we will have 6 meetings of one hour each

  • Start with a self-assessment form to get clarity on how you want to feel by the end

  • You will receive a tailored programme specific to how the trauma is affecting you

  • We will start with foundational practices of self-care to support the programme

  • You will learn yoga, somatic, mindfulness practices to regulate your nervous system through a body-based approach to healing

  • You will receive a workbook to keep track if you find this helpful

  • I will send you videos and other resources to support your journey

  • Together we will use different embodied listening techniques to discover what your body wants to communicate and release

  • You will have access to me via email. I aim to respond within 48 hours max.

I'm here to support you.

Cost: £320 for 6 sessions, including practice videos and resources.  Concessions are available for those on benefits.  Payment in installments can be set up.  Please do not let cost stop you from getting in touch.

Sessions are held via Zoom or at my home in Caversham, Berkshire.

Book your FREE 30-minute clarity call to see how we can work together. No obligation at all, just an informal chat about your situation and how I can support you.


Or if it's easier, text or call 07766 707119.