Learn birth-changing techniques

You're somebody who likes to be as prepared as possible.


With something as important as the birth of your baby, you don't want to look back and wish you'd known more.


You want to be as comfortable as you can in pregnancy and physically ready for birth.


There are 3 options to meet your personal needs:


5-week online course

This is available as a self-study course or as a group course with live virtual Q&A components.

All the resources you need in ONE place: yoga sequences, relaxation tracks (including hypnobirthing), birth know-how videos and breathing techniques.


Live masterclass

If you've already signed up to NCT and hypnobirthing courses, maybe you even go to pregnancy yoga, this is the missing piece about HOW and WHY to use a range of positions for different stages of your labour. You're in good hands - I train pregnancy yoga teachers how to include this in your classes.


Specially for you & your birth partner

Perhaps you have particular anxieties, have a different-from-normal situation, are planning a home birth and want a bespoke session on how to set up your home ready, or would like some moral support in planning your birth choices.

Call me to see how I can help.

Not sure which one is right for you? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Tessa who can guide to you to the perfect match.



Kayleigh Walsh with Sienna


"I completed Tessa's course and I would recommend it. After having a difficult birth experience with my first daughter I wanted to try something new that would benefit me and hopefully give me a better birth experience.


The course included really insightful content that made my birth easier. Listening to the tracks and learning about birthing positions and labour all really helped.


I managed my birth with hypnobirthing, a tens machine and gas & air at the very end. Thank you Tessa for helping me have a positive birth experience."



Emily Hutchinson, Obstetrics & Gynae


"I'm so glad I joined Tessa's Pregnancy Yoga classes throughout my first pregnancy.


The classes have really helped me in what has been an unusual year to be pregnant (2020!) by giving me the time and space to focus on and enjoy spending time with my growing baby.


Not only has yoga kept me feeling fit and health over the past nine months, I've learnt lots of breathing and relaxation techniques which I know will be so useful during labour."