"Tessa is so wise and knowledgeable" Miia

"Thank you, Tessa, for listening and your fantastic yoga lessons" Aline

I'm passionate about supporting women to feel great in themselves


* YOGA for every stage of a woman's life: Well Woman, Fertility, Pregnancy, Mother & Baby and so you may go to a number of these with me!


* Online courses for preparing physically for birth (Pearls of Birth Wisdom) and strengthening your postnatal body while having fun with your little one (Mother & Baby Yoga)


* Yoga and hypopressive exercises to support women's bodies when they are leaking, there is prolapse, tummy gap/ diastasis recti or weak core strength - you need a whole body approach to improve function and quality of life.


* Trauma-sensitive yoga for learning manageable practices to cope with anxiety, insomnia, overwhelm and other signs of trauma from a life-changing event or experiences of juggling too much with not enough support.


* Cycle awareness and yoga for the menstrual cycle - to find balance and work with the body when it's out of balance - 121 and online course (Menstrual Cycle Circle with nurturing yoga practices including relaxation and visualisations)


*FOR GIRLS: Celebration Days for Girls (10-12 years) and Changing Body workshops (7-9 years)


* Facilitate rites of passage (menarche ceremonies, mother blessings)


* Write BOOKS to support girls and women through these rites of passage - read about them here.


I'm passionate about how the power of knowledge - about how our bodies work - to empower our lives and choices. I couldn't have guessed how my calling would manifest when I decided to study a BSc in Anthropology and Geography at UCL!

I support girls and women in a number of ways to promote the best possible relationship with their bodies and selves:


Tessa makes you feel welcome

My workshops and classes are for anyone who is ready to enter into a relationship with their own body. My classes are permissive ~ I give you a framework to practice safely in and you learn to listen to what feels great in YOUR body.

I'm a life-long learner and integrate everything that I learn about into my classes to keep it interesting for you. That's why I have people coming to my classes for years. That's why I have yoga teachers training with me, to keep their skills fresh and up-to-date.


I have been teaching for 17+ years, which means over 12,000 hours of teaching. That's a lot when you put it like that!


My journey with yoga started with a meditation class during my Fresher's week at uni. Some people's journey starts with Pregnancy Yoga as they prepare for birth. You can start at any time and whether you're flexible or not, whether you have a 'yoga body' or not.


Let's bust that myth right now: there's no such thing as a 'yoga body'. Yoga is a system of practices that can support you whatever your fitness level, health, body shape or gender. I teach women yoga in a woman-centred way to suit your anatomy and your unique body.


I trained with Maarten Vermaase through the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) (2004) because of his strong passion for meditation, then with Wendy Teasdill for Pregnancy Yoga (2005) and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli for Mother & Baby Yoga (2014), Well Woman Yoga (2014) and Yoga Nidra (2015).


I've had many fantastic teachers over the years including Jules Mitchell and Katy Bowman for biomechanics, and Liz Koch on the psoas. All of these teachers have given me a sound foundation from which to teach you practices that enable you to learn about your own body - I don't teach a-one-size-fits-all approach.


A trauma-sensitive approach is essential. I completed the Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga (TREY) and Social Impact training with Aneta Idczak and the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Introductory Workshop (TCTSY) with Alex Cat. I took a year long course in Focusing (embodied listening), to learn more about the practice and companion of interoception with Marta Fabregat.


And your body changes over your lifetime, right? You will need different practices and different times, and I can support you through those transitions.


I have a PhD in Medical Sociology and ran post-doc research studies in a Rheumatology Department, so an evidence-based approach is important to me. But, I also acknowledge that science does not know and can't prove everything, so you can approach your practice with curiosity and intuition too.


So basically I nerd out on all the studies and anatomy so you don't have to. You can feel safe in my hands.

"Tessa’s classes are great for taking time for me and have a mix of practices at each person’s own level. I always feel much more positive afterwards." Sarah

"I’ve been through the entire catalogue of Tessa’s yoga classes and every one of them has always been amazing!"


You can attend my classes or arrange 121 tuition with me, depending on what your aim is. My online classes can also provide you with an opportunity to go at your own pace.


If you're not sure what help you achieve your aim or you need help clarifying it, email to book an informal chat.



Did you know...

I love dancing and have a Silver Award in Bellydancing. I also trained to teach Dancing for Birth.


I have an MSc in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health, but that doesn't stop me having a sweet spot for chocolate. Green & Black's salted caramel is my fav.


My PhD and postdoctoral work took me to some great conference locations: US, Canada, Malaysia and France. BC - Before Children - I was lucky to backpack to Thailand, Indonesia, India x3, Ghana and the Caribbean.


I love to read - usually I have a pile of books on my bedside table (and the floor) - mostly non-fiction with the occasional Murakami surreal story thrown in.