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Learn how to teach and market birth-changing workshops

A wonderful addition to your weekly pregnancy yoga classes, to take the antenatal education to the next level for your pregnant clients and their birth partners.

A great income stream where you can use your unique skills as a yoga teacher, sharing how movement, breath, sound and touch can support their nervous system during labour.

Includes marketing and admin support with tried-and-tested templates.


New ideas about how to support your clients during the pandemic?

A symposium with amazing speakers such as Liz Koch, Molly O'Brien, Anna Verwaal to reflect on how it is to give birth right now, and especially after the restrictions of lockdown.

Not only an opportunity to learn, but also to nourish yourself with a sound bath, yoga nidra and dancing.

Early bird tickets available.


Give the next level of support

Unfortunately when we teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga, there will be time when you'll come across someone who's experienced baby loss or had a challenging time during labour that has left them feeling traumatised.

In this pre-recorded workshop, you'll understand the underlying principles of working with trauma and how to apply your familiar practices and new ones appropriately.


Biomechanics knowledge will make your classes stand out

You're heard of Spinning Babies. Maybe you even did a course with them or another biomechanics trainer, but aren't sure how to incorporate this anatomy know-how into your classes or a standalone workshop.

Join me live to see how exactly I do this (includes a handout you can use with your clients). [Or buy the pre-recorded version]

Protect your clients' perineums

This pre-recorded session focuses on how to support your pregnant clients through biomechanics and anatomy.

There is a tension in maternity care currently: to follow the OASI care bundle recommendations, like a compress for the perineum, there is a danger that women have less choice around labour and birth positions. Enabling upright positions and active birth removes the likelihood for the need for the recommendations to be used.


Connecting to the pelvis in pregnancy

This pre-recorded session provides an experiential approach to connect with the pelvis, womb and baby for your pregnant clients.

Add new visualisations and meditations to your repertoire, including for those with an 'incompetent cervix' and twins. If you like Tami Lyn Kent's approach in the Wild Feminine, this is the workshop for you.

If you're not sure which workshop best suits your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch.

I also provide mentoring for yoga teachers around marketing their business and developing workshops, whether for your yoga clients or other teachers around your speciality.

A package of sessions means that you WILL move forwards because you're accountable to someone and you've make the commitment through making the investment.