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Birth-changing classes & workshops



Learn how to move safely in pregnancy and keep active ready for labour. If you want to learn breathing techniques, practical tips for birth and enjoy nourishing relaxations, this is the class for you.


Suitable from 12 weeks+, beginners welcome.


Thursdays 6.30-7.45pm

Saturdays 10-11.15am

Hemdean House School, Caversham RG4

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Can be paid for individual or using a class pass.


Pregnancy class pass

This gives you a discount on in person classes.

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Then use the schedule below to book specific classes. (You can use it at Thursday or Saturday classes - NB you can only book 5 weeks ahead, so return to the schedule for new dates).


When is the best month to start prenatal yoga?

You can join a class any time in your second or third trimester.  The earlier you start, the greater the benefits will be during the pregnancy itself such as improved sleep, feeling less anxious about the birth and having fewer pregnancy discomforts.

Also, when you attend the classes for 10+ weeks, the benefits are increased for childbirth, with research showing significant shortening of the first, second and third stages of labour, less induction of labour, and fewer instrumental and surgical deliveries. (See a summary of the research on pregnancy yoga)


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Tessa has 16 years experience of teaching pregnancy yoga. She is a member of the Maternity Voices Partnership committee at the RBH (for 5 years) collaborating on projects with midwives.  

She is a trainer of other pregnancy yoga teachers through the Yoga Teachers Forum and runs the international State of Birth symposium for birth professionals.

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Birth-changing workshops & resources


You're somebody who likes to be as prepared as possible.


With something as important as the birth of your baby, you don't want to look back and wish you'd known more.


Scroll down to see the workshops and resources I have created to support your journey through pregnancy and birth.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you're unsure which would be the best fit for you.

"I started attending Tessa’s pregnancy classes twice a week via zoom from 17 weeks until I was 39 weeks and 4 days. They were without a doubt the highlight of my week during the pandemic and I loved every minute of them.


Tessa is a phenomenal teacher whose yoga practice and movements made my pregnancy so much easier to cope with. Her breathing techniques, the rebozo [positioning technique for the baby], the positive affirmations in the relaxation were all so amazing to learn and remember and very much helped me have as calm a birth as I possibly could.


The midwives even commented on how extraordinarily well I was coping throughout the established labour and I put that all down to Tessa’s wonderful teaching.

It is so lovely to continue my yoga practise with Tessa and my baby Artie at Mum & Baby Yoga. Anyone who is pregnant, has a baby or generally wants to do yoga could not find a better, kinder or more caring person than Tessa: she is one in a million!" Sophie Capo-Bianco, May 2021


5-week online course

This is available as a self-study course that you can do in your own time, as and when is convenient. £69.


Includes: relaxation tracks (including hypnobirthing), breathing techniques, yoga sessions, birth know-how practical videos, mindfulness tracks and more.


It is also available as a group course, with access to the online platform with all of the resources. Investment £119. (If you can't see the Signature Birth Preparation course listed on the class schedule, please email me to express your interest.)


Available as a private workshop.



Masterclass on labour & birth positions

If you're already signed up to NCT and hypnobirthing courses, maybe you even to go pregnancy yoga, this is the missing piece for physically preparing for birth.


Why do yoga positions and movements help baby's position?

When do you use different positions in different stages of labour?

How do you reduce the risk of tearing and intervention?


You're in good hands - I train pregnancy yoga teachers how to include this in class for the Yoga Teachers Forum.


See on the schedule when the next live Masterclass is happening (£49) or access the recorded version now (£24).




Pregnancy Yoga Nidra library

If your favourite part of a yoga class is the relaxation, you may want to treat yourself to a whole collection of tracks from 12 to 35 mins in length. £12 for 20 tracks.

With a range of themes, you'll be able to nourish your pregnancy. You can also listen to them during labour.

"We listened to your yoga nidra and hypnobirthing tracks through the night [of the labour]." Gill Brennan


Feel more confident after reading my book

Learn from the 20+ positive birthing stories in this collection from my clients (some of the contributors are pictured in the image). Stories are a wonderful way to learn about what makes a difference in the labour.

I've also added insights and techniques from my 16+ years of teaching pregnancy yoga and put further resources at the end of each chapter. It's about the inner journey of pregnancy - taking control of what's happening to your body.

See my insta account @birth_wisdom_pearls for excerpts of stories read out by me.

£12 from Amazon or get it direct from me.