Postnatal Yoga
Integrated Mum & Baby Yoga
Caversham, Reading & online course

Bond with your baby, regain your strength


These classes weave strengthening and stretching for you together with songs and mini moves with your baby.


Suitable from 6/7 weeks onwards (often 10+ weeks after a caesarean birth) until crawling. This is an informal class where you can feed your baby, change a nappy or walk around if you need to.


We finish with social time, with a hot cup of tea and homemade treat.


Classes are booked by the half term, but you are welcome to join part way through if there is space (email for pro rata cost).


Tuesdays 9.45-10.45 In person

Tuesdays 11-12pm In person

Church House, Central Caversham, Reading

FREE parking nearby


You might feel right now that 'core strength' is an impossible destination.


If you are having incontinence or prolapse issues, diastasis recti or core strength problems, learn hypopressive exercises with me rather than putting up with your situation.


The respiratory and pelvic diaphragms are meant to work together, but pregnancy, menopause, poor posture and other factors can result in dysfunction.


Learn the sequence over three sessions 121 or with friends. It's totally doable to fit into your day, taking 7 minutes once learnt.


Get in touch for a free individualised assessment of whether hypopressives can help you.

Core strength underpins self-confidence

"I felt so battered and bruised after the birth of my second baby having suffered a third degree tear (again!) and diastasis recti. Tessa suggested hypopressives exercises to help with my healing and recovery and she has been wonderful in teaching me these.

I have felt the benefit not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. She has given me hope I can have my body back again! After just two weeks of doing these exercises my gap decreased significantly. I have no experience of yoga or anything like this but Tessa was so clear in the way she explained things and was so encouraging to me. I would absolutely recommend her." Beccy Cooper


Heal from trauma

We often think of trauma with a capital 'T': a major live changing event that may even cause PTSD. Baby loss, fear for your baby's or your life, injury to body or your sense of self.


However, trauma can also happen as a result of too much or too little of something over a prolonged period. Lots of anxiety about the pregnancy or a lack of support postnatally perhaps.


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Maya Angelou

You might not want to burden your family or friends with your story (anymore) or feel that you should be getting over it now, but sometimes your body is still carrying the trauma and you can't move on.


Trauma-informed yoga can support you through body-based practices to find stability, resilience, grounding and move towards wellness. I can support you alongside Talking Therapies or after them because the body holds trauma until a release is found.

"The love and support you provided was phenomenal. I can't thank you enough [after the death of my baby son]." Ritika


Email me to see how we can work together.

(Alternatively phone or text me on 07766 707119)