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Want to know how you can...

- get to know your menstrual cycle better and support it with nourishing practices?

- prepare for birth physically and mentally?

- give your body some TLC while having fun with your baby?

OR - gain your CPD as a pregnancy or postnatal yoga teacher?


Nourish your menstrual cycle for 30 days

Whether you're a novice at following your cycle or an old-hand, you'll find something to nurture your relationship with your cycle here.

From a comprehensive guide to charting your cycle, to a course with nurturing practices (run both as a self-study course and a group course each June) to a Red Tent Gateway Experience (yoga and transformational exercises to boost your positivity and confidence), you'll learn something new.

If you're not sure, which one's write for you, email me to arrange a FREE clarity call.


Birth-changing techniques

Tessa has used her 15+ years of expertise to put together different courses that fit around what you need to be as prepared for labour as you can be.

Perhaps you've already signed up for NCT classes or a hypnobirthing course, but realise you're not physically ready for birth.

Maybe you're not a first time parent and want a refresher of techniques or know that you want it to be different this time.


Mother & baby on your schedule

Maybe in those early weeks it's more of a stress to try to attend a class at a set time. What about an online course at home when you can have fun with your baby at a time when s/he is rested and fed?

Perhaps you don't know the nursery rhymes and want to be able to share some mini moves and baby kissing games with the baby's dad and grandparents?

Check out this course with 86 mins of stretching and strengthening for you, and mini moves and songs with your little one...


I am the Prenatal and Postnatal Trainer at Yoga Teachers Forum.


Click on the link above and the COURSE CALENDAR  to see what workshops are coming up, or the ONLINE COURSES to what workshops you can take online.

CPD certificates are available for all workshops and trainings.

Training for Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teachers

Here are some examples:


The Pelvis in Pregnancy: An Embodied Approach is available as an online workshop.


"I have owned The Female Pelvis book for over a year but have such difficulty engaging with it. It has been my intention to do many of the exercises in the book but that just hasn't happened. I wanted you to know that you have made a real difference to me today.

I really connected with your way of teaching too. It is obvious that you are an absolute fountain of knowledge and - when I get time - I will definitely be checking out your other trainings. I've written pages of notes and can't wait to adapt the visualisations for my pregnancy yoga classes." Kathryn Lillingstone

Biomechanics in Birth: How you can empower your pregnant clients in light of the OASI care bundle (Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury) online workshop

"I had never heard about the pressure on the pelvic floor perspective, which was really interesting. I also hadn’t heard about this study and recommendations (although I’m involved in my local Maternity Voices Partnership)." Amelie Cresswell