Your body is AMAZING. Fact.


Have you ever read a book that opened up a whole new world?

I bet you have. Then you know that knowledge really is power.

The more informed you are about your body, the more empowered you can be.


I love writing. I always have, but it took me a while to find confidence in my voice. That I had something important to say.

But there's no stopping me now. I went from shy to... writing about perineal massage and avoiding prolapse, illustrating vulvas and penii for goodness sake!

How freeing would it be to know more about your body?

To let go of shame and say "This is me!" unapologetically?

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Share the proper names of things

The sooner you start asking those tricky questions, the easier it gets to be later on.

Relatable illustrations to show what's where and how the body changes as you grow up.

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Why DO boys have nipples?

How do you explain wet dreams? What to say about erections and sperm?

This is a handy book to dip into when questions come up. A great resource to return to again and again.


Periods from a girl's perspective

How do you share information about cycle awareness, different period products, historical and environmental facts, in a way your daughter will engage?

In a diary format! Think Adrian Mole's Secret Diary but for girls.

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"Can we read it again tomorrow?"



"I was so excited to see your book [Ruby Luna's Curious Journey]! I gave it to my daughter as soon as we got home and she loved the pictures and was giggling and curious and I'm looking forward to discussing it all with her and using your book will be such a help. Thank you." Lucie Young


"Her first comment when we finished reading [Ruby Luna's Curious Journey] was "Can we read it again tomorrow?", and I could really see the positive effect it had on her; she was feeling proud to talk about her body and also some things that we'd talked about together that aren't really covered in schools. She felt happy to also learn from a book, so thank you!" Ellie Charman


"I read Ruby Luna's Moontime, and loved it! It opens up different opportunities for chat, questions, sharing. Anna is even more interested in my period; the how & when. After reading it I noticed Anna made me cups of tea when I got my period. Result! :)" Nan Brandsma

"This book [Dante Leon's Curious Journey] is great. It’s nice to have something silly and fun, and still respectful of the body.” Vicki Joyce



Learn about the phases of your cycle the fun way

My Colour Your Cycle colouring book has 17 mandalas for different phases of the menstrual cycle, plus stories and insights AND a yoga nidra relaxation.

Foreword by Alexandra Pope of Red School fame.

Spiral bound, thick paper.

"The Colour Your Cycle: Inner Seasons Colouring Book is an utterly delightful and thoughtful guide to building a relationship with your inner seasons.


The process of colouring your seasonal mandala can bring soothing, kindness and insight, gently weaving you ever more deeply into yourself - a beautiful medicine for the soul."


Alexandra Pope, co-author of Wild Power: discover the magic of menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power


The Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book has 13 mandalas and space to design your own / record your birthing story. The original version is available direct from me for £10, spiral bound on thick paper for ease of colouring. It comes with a link to a pregnancy-specific yoga nidra.


Also available on Amazon (different cover) below or as a download through Etsy (whole book or individual mandalas).

Time to prepare while colouring


Positive birth stories are the best preparation

Pearls of Birth Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices contains 20+ positive, diverse birthing stories from women in my classes. With 16+ years experience of teaching pregnancy yoga, I also add my insights and share favourite practices to support your journey.

It comes with a link to a yoga nidra relaxation and a reflective journal.