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There is nothing like individual attention to move towards your goals, whatever they are.

Perhaps it's a goal around physical health or mental health, but often we can see they're intertwined. I bring many years of experience in different modalities to create a tailermade package for you.

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Service 1 ~ Birth Trauma

Sometimes birth trauma is obvious immediately, and other times the trauma is only felt and recognised many months or years after the event(s).  You may have already attended a Birth Reflections service or Talking Therapies, but feel like the trauma is unresolved and somehow held still within your body.

A body-based approach provides a gentle approach to befriending your body and learning simple practices that will help you work with your nervous system towards stability, with an underpinning of self-kindness and -compassion.

Service 2 ~ Menstrual Trauma and Fertility / conception

Focusing on the menstrual cycle can be pivotal to women's health, whether directly to address difficult pre-menstrual, ovulatory or menstruation symptoms or for fertility issues.

Menstrual trauma can be experienced at any time, but often occurs around menarche (the first bleed) or the first years of cycling.  It is often buried because of family attitudes to puberty and periods, and wider cultural narratives about becoming a woman and burgeoning sexuality.

In relation to conception issues, menstrual trauma can be felt deeply with each period a reinforcement of the trauma of loss.  

Embodied listening and menstruality medicine circles can be transformative in these situations.

Service 3 ~ Pelvic trauma

Incontinence and prolapse can occur as a result of changing hormones or injury, for example caused through instrumental birth.  Your quality of life can be totally changed through these health issues, including wanting to go out and sexual relationships.


Through hypopressive exercises and yoga practices (usually strengthening), we will work on your posture and core strength to relieve the issue.  You may also benefit from embodied listening and visualisation practices; the programme will be specific to you.

Let's Work Together

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