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Intention + Action = A new story

I know that every person wants the best for their loved ones.  Sometimes it's harder to feel that YOU deserve the best too.


You may feel really motivated to make a change for your unborn baby or for your growing daughter, but not want to challenge the status quo for yourself.  The thing that I know to be 110% true is that when you model self-care, you create a ripple effect out into the world.


In this way, we can change not only our personal story, but also the story for women in the world, the future of our children and our planet.  


What makes me get out of bed in the morning with a smile is my intention to empower girls and women to live their best possible life, particularly at key transformational times.


I want to support girls and women to feel prepared for the rites of passages of menarche and puberty, pregnancy and birth.  When they are empowered through these potentially pivotal moments, they have the strength to act: to move mountains and write a new story for those following them.


Tessa x