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Yoga Teacher & Trainer
Author & Speaker
Women's Health advocate

Inside, a whole world awaits.

Pregnancy Yoga, Mother & Baby Yoga,
Yoga for Women
in Caversham, Reading & online


Yoga is a complete system to nurture you on every level ~ for wherever you are in your life and where you want to be.


"I can't quite believe that I started the year with your Well Woman class, attended Pregnancy Yoga and ended it with Mother and Baby. ❤️ Every one of them has always been amazing! Tessa is so wise and knowledgeable, and simply a beautiful human being.


You’ll leave the class soothed, revitalised and armed with increased understanding about your body. I can’t recommend Tessa’s classes highly enough; they need to be experienced!" Miia Laurikainen, Berkshire


Self-care is a funny thing. You know it makes you feel better, but it seems to always be pushed down the list of priorities.

Maybe something has recently made you realise that you need to look after yourself to be able to care for the others in your life well.

Whether it's a weekly class, a one-off event, or individual sessions to focus on something you want to change for the better, I'm here to support you on your journey.


Hi, I'm Dr Tessa 


I help people just like you to fit self-care into their lives so they feel better on every level.

I've been teaching yoga for 16+ years; that's over 12,000 hours of teaching experience. I have oodles of expertise to share with you.


Whatever stage of life you've reached, you want someone who will walk alongside you on your journey.

I'm the Prenatal and Postnatal trainer for the Yoga Teachers Forum and a volunteer for the local Maternity Voices Partnership, so I keep up-to-date for you.


I'm a life-long learner (PhD in Medical Sociology), constantly bringing new content into classes and workshops so that YOU keep learning too. And feeling great!

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FEDANT National registration
number: 13398
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Jill Miller
Perinatal Lead of the Happy Baby Community and Co-Director of YogaBirth

Tessa's gentle, but clear and concise way of giving information is an excellent example of a trauma-informed approach in which I felt held and safe, but could also explore and learn.

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Julia Davis
Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum

Tessa has created outstanding training with the Yoga Teachers Forum.  She is a total pleasure to work with her professionalism and warm-hearted personality.

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Katie Bettle
Midwife and Baby Massage Tutor

Just watched your session, very well done.  Something that should be a key part of midwifery training.  Such a key part of families feeling happy with care: communication and feeling listened to.

YouTube channel 

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Need an expert to spread the word?

I love to share the power of yoga.

If you have a community, network group, podcast or conference that would benefit from a talk or workshop, get in touch.

I've been featured on BBC radio, various podcasts and virtual conferences and webinars, and in person retreats.

I've worked with different organisations from Reading County Council, the Weller Community Centre, University of Reading to companies such as Johnson Matthey, bringing the benefits of yoga to diverse people.

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