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I'm involved in various gatherings and events for women's and girl's awareness and empowerment.  Please click on the links below to find out more. Contact me if you can't find what you're looking for...

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A monthly women's circle to talk about things we don't normally talk about (but really do need talking about!)


To attend after the 5th June, we invite you to come first to an Intro to Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) and Red Tent workshop

Kayleigh's bead necklace

Rather than having a baby shower, some prefer to have a Mother Blessing, which focuses more on the expectant mum. It's a time to celebrate the journey to becoming a mother (again) and to feel the support of your family and friends.

(The photo shows a birthing necklace with a bead from each person that attended.)


I provide talks or groups about menstrual awareness with girls, in collaboration with Sophie Cleere.  We emphasise emotional literacy through engaging with the menstrual cycle, improving body image and self-esteem.


My colleague will be running a Girls' Circle from Sept (11-14yo). Contact her at sarah@redearthholistictherapies.com

menarche ceremony oct 2016

Sometimes (often?) women do not have a positive start with their periods. A retrospective menarche (first bleed) ceremony allows you to imagine a new relationship with your cycle, whether it's something you want to address because of difficult periods, fertility issues, your own daughter approaching menarche or something else.

Next one 1st Oct.  Book here

We women need to support each.  Here's the O-Hug (short for Oxytocin Hug). Oxytocin is the love hormone and apparently it takes 20 seconds to start releasing it so no 'air' hugs please.  I also think it could be called the Heart2Heart hug.

See also my Yoga for Women courses.


And the Cycle Yoga video series.