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Introduction to Cycle Awareness with your daughter - 28th April


It can be difficult to get the conversation going about periods with your daughter, or hard to get across the positives of this transition (especially if you don't like your own period!) This session introduces cycle awareness as a way to help your daughter navigate the whole month, feel prepared for when her period appears each month and make sense of her changing emotions. We will share a simple way to track a cycle (for mums and daughters) and give ideas about normalising period-talk at home.

Girls are welcome who are 10-12 (although very welcome from 8+ if they look like they may start soon i.e. changing body shape, first show), whether they've started their period or not. We will use the mums' changing moods through the month to get talking about it and they probably pick up on this more than you know!

It will be a fun and friendly session. No girl will be put on the spot about whether she's started her periods. We would recommend if you think this would benefit your daughter in the long term or how you communicate together about periods, body image and self-esteem, to book on directly. I (Tessa) see it like swimming lessons - they might not always want to go, but it's good for them!

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