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Celebration Day for Girls - Sept 2019

£75.00 (Coming soon)

The Celebration Day is a one off event for girls between the ages of 10-12. They may or may not have started their period (we won't put her on the spot asking!). On Friday evening before, the mums meet to discuss practicalities and how they can help their daughters at this time of transition. (We can Skype if this isn't feasible.)

The Day itself happens on a Sunday (unless otherwise organised e.g. for during school time).  The girls spend the morning together, including chance to ask questions anonymously and explore different menstrual products. Then the mums arrive for lunch and the rest of the Day is spent bonding and symbolically recognising this journey towards womanhood.

Sunday 27th Jan 2019, mums' meet on Fri 7.30-9,30pm, Caversham RG4 7TH).        
Cost per Mother/Daughter couple is £75. (Concessions available, other significant female carers are welcome, 2nd daughter comes for £35.)

**Please note: you will receive an automatic confirmation of your payment if you selected to have this. A confirmation email with details for the day will arrive later direct from me**