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Your baby is finally here! Well done mum!!

Includes a cup of tea and homemade biscuit.


This class is here to support you and your baby in your postnatal period. From six weeks postnatal (if you feel ready!) to approximately 7 months.  I sometimes run a yoga class for mums and their babies/children up to 2.5 years so please get in touch if you're interested.


If you have had a caesarean birth or other intervention during the birth it is important that you go at the right pace for you, healing from the inside out and I can facilitate that.  Sometimes what is needed most is to relax with others who understand the demands of motherhood.


I went to mother and baby yoga classes with my daughters and enjoyed finding space to exercise safely following the birth, integrating my baby into the yoga practice, and sharing experiences with other mums.  


With a new baby you can feel that you never have enough time.  Mother and Baby Yoga is a chance to focus on your developing relationship and enjoy this time that, in retrospect, passes so quickly.  The yoga practice for mum shows you how to effectively and correctly strengthen your pelvic and abdominal muscles, release tight shoulders and neck from holding and feeding your baby, and to relax (useful when you're sleep deprived!).  The yoga practice for baby includes massage, playful stretches and singing to stimulate your baby's development on every level.


Mother and Baby Yoga is about going with the flow.  So if your baby cries during the class or starts crawling over other mums it's OK!  You can feed the baby during the class, change their nappy or let them nap.  

Please bring a blanket for your baby to lie on, and anything you need to change or feed your baby.


Handout for exercising postnatally with baby


Please see more FREE resources here (on my postnatal page including relaxations and recipes!)


"I absolutely love Tessa's class.  As someone who practices yoga regularly I was so pleased to have a real session and bond with my baby at the sme time. Best mum & baby yoga class ever." Monique & Zylan (Feb 2017)

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Yes please! Mother and baby yoga classes in Caversham and Henley

Mother & Baby Yoga in Caversham,


For information about infant sleep 'parenting' click here.

Baby's sleep information and resources

"We do all really love yoga, it's the highlight of our week!" Jo, Alfie & Harry (May 2016)


"I really love the classes and you are a treasure." Karyn & Ellianna (March 2016)


"Your class is like a big hug." Deborah & Melissa (Sept 2015)


"We just wanted to thank you for teaching such lovely Mum & Baby Yoga classes. They have been a highlight of our week for the past six months or so... It has been the one thing we do that genuinely feels like it is benefiting both mum and baby." Linsday & Percy (October 2015)


"I've just met up with a few friends from my NCT class and they were raving about your [mother & baby] yoga  class on Friday morning." Anna (August 2014)


"Thank you for the past few months. It's been great getting to know new people, especially people at the same point in their life as myself, and I found the yoga was great to help with my back... you run a fantastic class." Tara & Emma (April 2015)


"Thank you so much for your help, support, kind words and general loveliness. Your class has been great during these first few scary, teary and snotty months of motherhood :)" Kelly & Robyn (May 2015)

"I love going to Tessa's weekly class, it's the highlight or our week. I really feel it's a great bonding session and has really helped me recover postnatally. I've also made some lovely friends." Hannah & Ash (April 2016)


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your classes, they are really good for meeting other mums and also doing a little bit for myself and with Marek... Even with just that one hour a week , I've learnt that I'm important too and my well-being will help my family's well-being." Natasha (February 2015)


"Many thanks for your wonderful classes, we've really enjoyed them." Surupa & Reece (April 2015)


"I have learnt so much from Tessa and would definitely recommend her classes. I will miss the relaxation, laughter and smiles" Gabrielle & Casey (July 2015)

Video of having fun at Mother & Baby Yoga (March 2016):

Classes are Tuesday 11-12.15 (Church House, Caversham), Wednesday 10.30-11.45 (Reading Canoe Club, The Warren), Fridays 10.30-11.45pm (Aroma House, Cremyll Road RG1)


Bookings for the June/ July term at www.buytickets.at/yogawithtessa

(Once term starts you are welcome to email to see if any places remain and pay pro-rate for the remainder, but classes tend to fill up quickly.)

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