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NEW!  I have created four videos based on the four seasons so that you can respect your mood and energy levels when practising yoga.  The videos last between 17 and 30 minutes long so they are  realistic length to fit in to your day.  (NB The lying practices in the Autumn video are not suitable during pregnancy.)


For example, the summer video is a standing practice to energise you or harness your energy, whereas the winter video is a seated practice to nourish you when you might be feeling lower on energy.  I strongly believe we shouldn't push through feelings of tiredness, but should respect how we feel. This is an important part of self-care and sustainability in our broader lives.


When you purchase the videos for the investment of only £4.50 here, you will get a username and password to access a restricted area of the website.  *The email with these details may take 24 hours to reach you as it is not automatic.*

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"[The Winter video] was lovely, very clear and I could follow it easily. I liked the mix of it: it may have been gentle, but still felt like I'd opened up / stretched out. I felt like it was a nourishing practice just for me :) Thank you!" (Joanna, March 2017)