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About my team

I live in Caversham with my husband, Luke, and 4 year old son, Barney.   I have been a Kundalini Yoga practitioner for 10 years and in 2015 trained with I-Sky to become an instructor.  Kundalini Yoga truly holds my heart and I feel a deep sense of gratitude sharing these teachings with others as they have made such a difference to my life.   Through my study of Yoga I also am developing a deep interest in Sound Healing and hope to pursue this interest further in the future.  Yoga continues to shine light on my creativity and I am presently really enjoying creating beautiful hand drawn mandalas.


Spreading my wings into a different style of Yoga is really exciting and I look forward to practising Mother and Baby Yoga with my own baby due to be born late summer 2016. I am also in the process of training as a Postnatal Yoga Teacher with Birthlight, while doing the Apprenticeship with Tessa.

Jodie - Mother & Baby Apprentice

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I was drawn to yoga initially as a way of keeping fit and flexible.  I soon learned how good it can make you feel and can't imagine my life without it now.  I have been practicing on and off for well over ten years, I am doing a BWY Foundation and have started my 200 hour teaching qualification.


I have three children and previously worked in Children's Centres and Mother & Baby Units.


I am looking forward to doing the Mother and Baby Yoga course with Birthlight in October.  Tessa's classes have a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I can't think of a job I'd rather do.

Jacqueline - Mother & Baby Apprentice

Hannah - Pregnancy Yoga Apprentice

My love for yoga began when I started university. I trained as a physiotherapist and really felt it helped me understand the body, the way it moves and how much we can learn from connecting with it.


I developed a special interest in women's health and feel it a privilege to be able to support throughout pregnancy, post natal recovery and other such sensitive stages during a women's life.


I've enjoyed exploring different styles of yoga practices whilst away working in California and Australia. I attended a vipassana 10 day silent meditation camp, learnt Reiki healing and became interested in natural therapies, all of which supported my own transition into motherhood. Yoga in my own pregnancy inspired me to share this invaluable tool with others. I love how mother and baby yoga with my daughter Ashling continues to develop us both.